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Choose Custom O Rings That Are Designed to Last

Custom O Rings are an important piece of machinery in the manufacturing industry. They are used to join two or more components together and create a tight seal that is resistant to air, water, dust and other contaminants. Custom O rings can be made from a variety of materials such as rubber, silicone, neoprene and other elastomers. The process for creating custom O rings involves cutting the material into precision shapes based on customer specifications. These shapes range from simple circular rings to complex shapes with multiple grooves. 

Rubber Compounds

The selection of material for custom O rings is critical to ensure they have the desired function and fit correctly against mating parts. Rubber compounds vary in terms of hardness, durometer readings, temperature resistance and chemical resistance which are all important factors to consider. Silicone O rings are popular when high temperature environments are present, or components require a higher level of chemical resistance. Neoprene O rings are used in many applications due to their excellent abrasion and wear resistance properties. 

Modern Manufacturing Techniques

Custom O rings can be used in a variety of different industries such as automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, medical and food processing. They can also be found in consumer products like water bottles and pool toys. With the help of modern manufacturing techniques, custom O rings can now be designed with precision for any application. This allows customers to get exactly what they need without having to compromise on quality or performance. 

Off-The-Shelf Options

If you are looking for custom O rings that meet your exact specifications, contact a reputable supplier that can provide you with the highest quality materials and precision cutting services. With the right supplier on your side, you’ll be able to find just what you need and have it delivered quickly and conveniently. By having custom O rings made to order, you can ensure that they will fit perfectly and last longer than off-the-shelf options. Therefore, many manufacturers prefer to go with custom O rings rather than standard ones. Contact Midwest Gasket Corporation today to find out more.